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How a Sharp Air Purifier Will Brighten Your Home


A Sharp air purifier is a model that comes from a company which has a very wide range of products to improve your home.

  Whether you are looking for the best electronics or appliances to make your home a safer and more comfortable place, you should be able to find them with Sharp.

The Sharp air purifier line, while not expansive, will have a number of models that you can turn to which can help you achieve this goal.

There are two main types of air cleaners that you can find with Sharp. While both of them are classified under the Plasmacluster line, one of them will give you the ability to work as a humidifier as well as bringing air purification to your home.

This can be a great opportunity for you to take your home to the highest possible standards for your own comfort.

Pros of Sharp Air Cleaner Models

  • These purifiers will cover large areas at a time.
  • The Clean Air Delivery Rates for Plasmaclusters are very efficient.
  • Even at the highest speeds, these models are quiet and energy efficient.

Cons of Sharp Air Cleaners

  • Not very strong with helping odor control.

What does Sharp Air Purifiers offer its Users?

  • Technology Used in Sharp Models

    The Sharp Plasmacluster air purifier will feature a True HEPA filter, which is the highest rated filter that you could hope to find in an air purifier. This filter is able to effectively capture 99.97% of all of the particles in the air which are 0.3 microns or larger.

    The average human hair is 100 microns wide, so you will understand that this purifier works at a very high level. You can expect nearly all of the allergens which commonly pervade your air to be removed with one of these efficient filters.

    A washable carbon filter is another benefit, as the activated carbon in this filter helps to break down organic compounds in the air which cause odors. Every time that the air passes through your machine, you will notice that the odor in your home will decrease.

    While the washable feature means that this filter may grow weaker, you will still be able to lessen the presence of odor.

    An ion generator works on both freshening the air and eliminating the presence of other contamination. By releasing both positive and negative ions, this purifier will polarize the air and help to eliminate the negative quality of your air which can affect your health.

    On top of this, the presence of negative ions can give your air a fresh feeling, simulating the quality of air after a rainstorm.

    Finally, those models which contain a humidifier, particularly the KC-C100U and the KC-C150U, will help to introduce moisture into dry environments.

    When the air in your home is too dry, it becomes harder to breathe and sickness may be harder to defeat. By properly moisturizing the air, you should be able to bring it back to healthier states and promote good health.

  • Area Covered by Sharp Air Cleaners
  • Each of the main models of a Sharp HEPA air purifier model will differ, and this can relate into various areas of your house that you could place the model in. A Sharp FP-P35CX can typically cover a 228 square foot room, while the Sharp FP-P60CX can treat up to 330 square feet.

    Understanding how large your area is and how much air you need to clean will play a role in choosing the best model possible. If you try to put a purifier in a space which is too large for it, you won't achieve any recognizable results.

  • Maintenance Required for Sharp Air Purifiers
  • When you own a Sharp Plasmacluster, you will need to perform basic levels of maintenance to keep it operating well. While the filter life itself should last for 5 years, you will want to clean the washable carbon filter on a regular basis to help it keep performing as strongly as possible. This should keep odors as controlled as possible.

    Wiping down the unit is also highly recommended, as buildup can occur on the machine and this could potentially clog air vents as well as disturb your air quality.

    Simply wiping the unit down with a damp cloth can help remove build up. This will prevent your machine from taking on a dirty quality.

  • Energy Levels
  •   Each of the Sharp Plasmacluster machines are Energy Star rated, which can give you a chance to operate this machine continually without having to worry about using more energy than you need.

    For example, the Sharp FP-P40CX model will make only 49 decibels of noise at the highest levels, which means that the fan is operating rather quietly.

    The more silent a machine is, the less power it is using. You can use this to your advantage when finding the best machine possible for your home and budget.

  • Price and Warranty
  • The prices of a Sharp Plasmacluster will range between $230 for the smallest models and $500 for the largest ones. The air purifiers which contain a humidifier will cost more than those who don't, but it also comes with 2 distinct types of technology.

    The warranties for these units are only 1 year, which is shorter than many other purifiers, but they will give you enough time to integrate one of these purifiers into your home with ease.

While a Sharp air purifier could come in a few different shapes.

Their basic levels of performance are strong and you can use this to make sure that your home is going to be safe and healthy into the future. Turning to this brand can help you guarantee that you are going to be happy with the new and improve air quality of your home.




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What Can Air Purifiers Do?

Air purifiers can reduce and eliminate a whole host of airborne contaminants such as -

  • Household Dust
  • Dust Mites
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Mold Spores
  • Mildew
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Gases
  • Odors
  • Chemicals


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