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How Will a Sharp Plasmacluster - Sharp FP-P40CX Rate?


  A Sharp Plasmacluster, the Sharp FP-P40CX could be the solution that you are looking for when you want to clean the impurities in your air and make your atmosphere more fresh and enjoyable.

When you place this Sharp model into your home, you are trying out a well-loved brand of appliances, feeling that all of their knowledge can help you with air purification just as it can with many other problems you may face in your home.

For this reason, the Sharp Plasmacluster could be the single purifier which you feel is going to give you long-lasting satisfaction and pure air quality for your space.

Pros of Sharp Air Cleaner

  • Includes three types of technology to help clean your air and make your space more comfortable.
  • Effectively purifies spaces up to 253 square feet.
  • Comes with programmable ion controls, allowing you to choose your quality of air.

Cons of Sharp Air Cleaner

  • Only comes with a 1 year limited warranty, as other models could offer longer protection.
  • Not the most effective model to turn to for odor control.

What does Sharp Plasmacluster Air Cleaner offer its Users?

  • Technology Used

    The Sharp Plasmacluster air purifier is a unit which holds 3 different types of technology within, helping you to tackle the problems in your air in a variety of ways.

    The most important of these purification techniques is the True HEPA filter located within. One of these filters will help to remove 99.97% of all particles in the air which are 0.3 microns or larger.

    This will include particles of mold and bacteria, allowing you to use this model to turn your home into a space with the least possible risk for illness.

    The True HEPA filter means that you should be able to capture all sorts of contamination that you find in the air. The larger particles, such as allergens from pet dander, dust, and pollen will be easily captured by this filter and you can use this to your advantage to make sure that you are able to breathe easily within your space.

    The main reason that most people buy a purifier is to help fight allergens, and this air purifier will do a great job with that.

    The FP-P40CX model will also include a washable activated carbon filter, which is a presence that will help to fight odors in the air. The activated carbon of this model will break down the organic compounds in the air which turn into odors.

    These compounds will then be absorbed and every time an air change is completed in your air, even more odor will disappear.

    Finally, an ion generator will help to not only freshen your air, but deactivate contaminates in the air by releasing both positive and negative ions.

    This polarization will assist you with getting rid of all harmful threats in the air which will get through a HEPA filter. This turns into a great feature to have with your air purifier and it helps the Sharp Plasmacluster to stand out.

  • Area Cleaned
  • A Sharp Plasmacluster air purifier is able to give you cleaning in a 253 square foot area. Whether this includes one or more rooms depends on the size of your house, but you will be able to assure comfort and safety within these rooms.

    Many people will choose to place this purifier in their bedroom, helping to protect their air quality in the room where they are the most relaxed and vulnerable.

  • Maintenance Required
  • The filter life on this unit should help it to last for 5 years, which can be a great amount of time for a purifier. The washable carbon filter should be cleaned frequently, however, if you want to ensure that you are going to have the maximum level of odor control.

    Thankfully, this unit comes with indicators which will let you know when these filters need to be cleaned or replaced.

    Besides this, you should frequently wipe down the unit. This will help to eliminate the buildup of dust and dirt on the outside of the unit, which can become detrimental to your air quality.

    Not only will this buildup potentially clog your machine, but it could escape back into the air and negate the cleaning you have performed.

  • Noise and Energy
  •   The Plasmacluster FP-P40CX will come with 4 different fan speeds to help you clean your air. The highest speed will clean up to 141 cubic feet of air in a minute, which while this is effective, will also be rather noisy.

    The quietest speed, that of “Silent” will clean a mere 18 cubic feet per minute, although you will not notice this operation. The faster you run the machine, the more energy you will use, allowing you to decide how much energy consumption your model is using at any given time.

  • Price and Warranty
  • This Sharp Plasmacluster will come with only a 1 year warranty, which is not as long as other models will come with. However, some purifiers come with no warranty at all, so you will at least know that your Plasmacluster will be protected during the time when it is settling into your home and becoming a part of your normal operation. The unit itself often sells for around $250, depending on the retailer that you turn to.

  • Other Features
    • Comes with a programmable timer, which can help you control your air purification when you are not at home.
    • Features a remote control to help you operate this model from a distance.
A Sharp Plasmacluster FP-P40CX is an option that you may want to turn to if you are looking to get rid of some of the most common problems with air quality. While it can help to eliminate odors, it will not be strongest in this area.

Instead, it will help you to remove contaminates and freshen your air, which are both important qualities for a good air purifier to perform.





Sharp Plasmacluster FP-P40CX

  • Technologies/Filters Used
  • Washable Pre Filter

    True HEPA

    Ion Generator

    Carbon Activated

  • Room Size
  • 250 sq. feet

  • Noise Levels
  • Silent

  • Warranty
  • 1 Years

  • Star Ratings
  • Air Purifier Air Purifier Air Purifier Air Purifier

  • Price
  • $ 250.00

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