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Will The Holmes HAP422 Air Purifier Work Well?


A Holmes HAP422 air purifier is a slim-lined tower design which can bring the same HEPA purity into your home that you have come to know and trust.

  Without this HEPA filtration, you would be stuck using an inferior filter which would not be able to bring the high level of air quality that you deserve into your home.

This is why the Holmes HAP422 is a smart choice when you are looking to put a HEPA filter into your home with a model that has a number of other benefits as well.

Pros of the Holmes Tower Air Purifier Model

  • The tower design is a space saver, allowing you to have filtration without taking up much space.
  • Filter changes are easy and efficient and you will be alerted as to when they need to take place.
  • Three different forms of technology combine to give you the best air quality possible.

Cons of the Holmes Tower Air Purifier Model

  • The unit can be somewhat noisy, distracting you from your typical daily tasks.
  • The filters will need to be regularly changed to allow for the best air quality possible.

What Does Holmes HAP422 Air Purifier Offer?

  • Technology Used

  • Holmes air purifiers will all use HEPA filters because it is the best technology which you could come to expect from an air purifier. In many different clinical tests, it has consistently proven to capture at least 99.7% of all contaminates from the air which are at least 0.3 microns small.

    This is an incredibly high level of purification that no other filter has been able to maintain at the same level the HEPA will.

    The HEPA filter is able to grab a number of different allergens from the air. While dust and pollen are two of the most common types of particles which can be effectively taken from the air, pet dander and tobacco smoke are two other very common types of aggravating particles which can be taken from your environment. This should result in a safer, more pleasant environment to spend your time in.

    A carbon pre-filter will work on taking unwanted odors from your home. These odors can come from smoke, pets, personal odors, or even from cooking. The carbon element of the filter will work on breaking down the organic elements of those odors and absorbing them.

    You will no longer need to suffer from experiencing these odors, as they will be effectively removed from your presence. This carbon filter is a standard function that comes with most Holmes purifiers, although is is a key part of the Holmes Harmony Air Purifier.

    Finally, an ion generator is used with the HAP-422U because it can help to freshen stale air which sometimes comes when you are purifying air.

    By introducing negative ions into the air, you should be able to give the air a fresh sense once more which makes it enjoyable to breathe. It will remind you of fresh air from straight out the window, without all of the allergens which that air will typically contain.

  • Area Treated
  • The Harmony air purifier is best built for a room of 180 square feet or smaller. While this isn't an exceptionally large room, it can give you a good sense of purification for a typical bedroom or personal office.

    You should be able to spend more time in this room and accomplish more because your breathing will come more easily from the multiple air changes your room will be exposed to.

  • Maintenance Needed
  •   The filters for this unit will naturally need to be replaced on a regular basis to keep them running to the best of their ability. Thankfully, replacing the filters is easy. You simply need to open the unit and pop out the old filters. The new ones should slide in again without much struggle.

    Both the HEPA filter and the carbon filters can be found in packages which are sold together. They can also typically be found for under $25, which makes this a wise investment for anyone looking to save money.

    The HAP-422U is not a model which is going to cost you a great deal to continue operating over time. You should be able to get the most from the unit without a great deal of attention or trouble.

  • Noise Levels of Holmes HAP422
  • The air cleaner will be somewhat noisy to run, as the fan is rather audible. The amount of noise actually produced, however, will directly relate to the speed at which you are operating the fan. The louder speeds will be the higher ones, while the softer you run the unit, the less noise you should expect to make.

  • Price and Warranty
  • This Holmes Harmony will typically sell for between $90 and $120, depending on the retailer that you purchase the unit from. Finding the best deal can often relate to the shipping you will be expected to pay.

    It will also come with a 3 year limited warranty, which will help you protect yourself against defects which may arise in the unit. Any internal damages will be provided for by the manufacturer.

  • Additional Features
    • The ion generator is an optional feature, which gives you the ability to choose when you want to operate it.
    • The unit is a tall, slender tower design that allows you to place it in the corner of a room.
The Holmes HAP422 air purifier is one that you can trust to help you with purifying the room to the best of your ability. You should not have to worry about the air quality you will experience, as the HEPA filter should take care of the worst problems in the air.

The carbon filters will reduce the odors and the ion generator can freshen the air and make it nicer for you. This turns into you having a strong ability to control your comfort and health in relation to your breathing ability within your own home.





Holmes HAP422

  • Technologies/Filters Used
  • Carbon


    Ion Generator

  • Room Size
  • 180 sq. feet

  • Replacement Filters
  • Carbon - $25.00

  • Warranty
  • 3 Years

  • Star Ratings
  • Air Purifier Air Purifier Air Purifier

  • Price
  • $ 100.00

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