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Can a Holmes HAP8756 Serve You Well?


The Holmes HAP8756 model of the Holmes line could be able to provide you with the chance to put your home into the clean state that you wish your air to be.

  This can help remove allergies and asthma attacks from your lifestyle as the pollen, dust, and other allergens which can often make life unpleasant will be removed.

It will boast a number of features which make the Holmes HAP 8756 unit into one that you should be able to easily integrate into your home to make sure that will not have a high level of discomfort ever again.

Pros of this Holmes Air Purifier

  • This unit will take care of both allergens and unwanted odors from your home.
  • Digital display allows you to program the unit to run for a specific amount of time.
  • Four different speed settings are available on this unit, allowing you to control the level of purification you receive.

Cons of this Holmes Air Purifier

  • The model will need attention with regular filter replacements at certain times.
  • This unit should be cleaned on the outside as well to help prevent buildup.

  • What Does Holmes HAP8756 Air Purifier Offer?

    • Technology Used

    • HEPA filtration is some of the highest that you could hope to receive when you purchase an air purifier and you will be treated to that high standard of success when you use the HAP8756.

      This Holmes model will take advantage of everything that a HEPA filter will provide to make sure that you are going to start breathing more easily when you run this purifier. Over 99.97% of particles will be taken out of the air and this should help you with having a safer environment for your time.

      Everything from pet dander, smoke, pollen, dust, and many other allergens can effectively be captured. This is because of the nature of the HEPA filter.

      Millions of tiny fibers are stuffed into this filter, which will allow only the air to pass through the filter. All of the contaminates which you could find in the air will be captured and removed by this filter, making it a cleaner environment.

      Above the standard HEPA filter, however, this Holmes model teams up with the reliable brand of Arm & Hammer to produce the best odor-eating filter you could get. This filter works with the traditional activated carbon filters to help eliminate odors from your home.

      The carbon presence will help to break down the organic compounds which make an odor in your air. Using Arm & Hammer in combination with these filters can help make sure that the presence of these odors is eliminated for good and that you can trust this purifier to make your home a safer, cleaner place again.

    • Room Size Cleaned
    • It is best to operate this unit in a room of 418 square feet or smaller. This will provide a number of air changes which can make sure that the air you breathe is clean and treated.

      You will not need to worry about your air only being treated in a basic level, as multiple air changes will give you the highest possible level of cleaning that you could hope to get. Running this purifier in a room larger than 418 sq. feet could greatly diminish the quality of the air in your home.

    • Maintenance Required
    •   The filters of this unit will need to be frequently replaced to keep this unit running as purely as possible. The HEPA filter should be able to last for around a year before replacement is needed, although the carbon filters may need to be replaced around every 3 months.

      The HEPA filter will cost around $25 for every replacement. The carbon filters are much cheaper, costing only around $4 for every new filter.

      The unit itself should be wiped down frequently, however, to help prevent the build up of dirt and dust on the outside of the unit. The grill plates will need special attention, as these can work on clogging the maximum air flow that you could hope to receive.

      Without cleaning the outside of the unit, you could potentially expect to block your air flow and lower the quality of purification that your home is receiving.

    • Energy Used
    • This Holmes air cleaner has been highly rated by Energy Star, which ensures that appliances are running efficiently. The four different speed options will help you control the amount of energy that your unit is using at any particular time.

      It is recommended that if you want to use this unit for continual use, that you only run it on a medium speed. This will give you the best control of energy consumption and still have constant cleaning.

    • Price and Warranty
    • The unit will retail for around $150, although you can typically find it on sale for under $120.

      A 5 year limited warranty is offered with the purchase of this unit, which will help protect it from internal defects which may arise in the construction of the unit. It's a very reasonable price for any working air purifier.

    • Additional Features
      • You can set a timer which will allow this air cleaner to run for up to 16 hours before it automatically shuts off.
      • It is of a pearl-white design with silver accents, helping it fit into nearly any environment.
    The Holmes HAP8756 is a Holmes model which is dedicated to the highest level of air quality it can possibly provide.

    You shouldn't need to worry about having a working purifier which will be able to cater to your needs like the HAP8756 will. A quiet model with pure HEPA filtration is hard to come by, which makes the Holmes HAP8756 a model to examine more closely.




Holmes HAP8756

  • Technologies/Filters Used
  • Carbon


  • Room Size
  • 418 sq. feet

  • Replacement Filters & their Costs
  • Carbon - $4

    HEPA - $25

  • Noise Levels
  • 4 Speeds

  • Warranty
  • 5 Years

  • Star Ratings
  • Air Purifier Air Purifier Air Purifier

  • Price
  • $ 150 usd

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