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How Does a Honeywell Enviracare 18150 Air Purifier Stand Up?

  A Honeywell Enviracare 18150 air purifier is a model that allows you to work on cleaning the air in your room to such a state that you will easily be able to breathe and enjoy your surroundings.

Anyone who is trying to find the best air purifier to include as a part of their home should take a number of factors into consideration.

Looking into everything that a Honeywell Enviracare 18150 has to offer could help you determine if this is the correct model for your needs.

Pros of the Honeywell 18150 Air Purifier

  • Gives 6 complete air changes per hour.
  • Features a long-lasting filter with HEPA technology.
  • HEPA filters are available to fit this model which can be permanent filters.
  • Highest speed settings offer a nearly silent noise level.
  • Electronic sensors let you know when filters needs to be replaced.

Cons of the Honeywell Air Purifier

  • Model has been discontinued by the manufacturer.
  • Unit weighs over 20 pounds.

What does Honeywell Enviracare Air Purifier Offer Its Users?

  • Technology and Filters Used

  • The Honeywell Enviracare air purifier uses HEPA technology which allows you to capture 99.7% of all contaminates in your air that can be as tiny as 0.3 microns. This is a great rate which will allow you to ensure that the air in your home is as clean and fresh as any outside air may be, without the risk of allergens and other irritants.

    A carbon pre-filter is employed with this air purifier to help capture all of the large particles which may be floating through the air. This will work to help the HEPA filter last longer as it will be absorbing less contaminates and other particles floating in the air.

    The carbon in the pre-filter will also aid you with eliminated unwanted odor that you may be subject to in your home. A carbon filter can generally absorb up to 30% of any odor which is present in your air, helping you to curb the effects of pet odors, cigarette smoke, food and cooking odors. This will make the air in your home much easier to breathe.

  • Room Size and Air Changes

  • The Honeywell 18150 will provide six complete air changes in an hour to any room that is 15 by 15 feet. Smaller rooms will experience an even higher rate of air change, which helps to make the air even more clean and pure. This high rate of air exchange will help to ensure that you are exposed to the smallest possible amount of contaminates in your air.

  • Filter Replacements and Maintenance

  • The carbon pre-filters will generally need to be changed around every three months. The sensor display on the unit will indicate when both the pre-filter and the HEPA filter may need to be replaced. If you let the pre-filter last longer than its lifespan, it will not only stop odor control, but you can risk clogging the machine. Replacement pre-filters will generally cost around $15 and will usually feature multiple pre-filters in a package.

    The HEPA filter itself may only need replaced every one to three years. This, of course, will change if you buy the permanent HEPA filter which is available for this model. A traditional HEPA filter will cost about $45. If you buy the permanent replacement, you will need to spend only around $30.

    The unit itself should be periodically wiped down to help remove dirt and other grime that the unit itself may have collected. This will help you to always keep the machine free and clear of any contaminates, allowing the passageways to always be open.

    If a permanent HEPA filter is purchased, you will periodically need to vacuum the filter out, allowing it to be returned to a clean state once more that will absorb as many particles as possible.

  • Energy Level and Noise

  •   The airflow design has been crafted in the Honeywell Enviracare so that on high speed, it is still exceptionally quiet. Three different air speeds are available on the Enviracare, allowing you to determine how much energy is used and how much air is cleaned in a specified time.

    The higher fan speed that you use, the more energy that you will consume. Even though high speed with this model is still relatively quiet, you will be using a larger amount of energy than running your purifier on low.

  • Price and Warranty

  • This specific model has been discontinued by the manufacturer, but it can still be found for between $150 and $200. A similar Honeywell model will retail for around $150.

    The warranty provided on this model is a 5 year limited warranty. Should any internal damage happen to the unit, repairs to the motor will be provided by the manufacturer.

  • Additional Features

    • The HEPA filter is surrounded with a air seal, helping to prevent unfiltered air from escaping the unit.
    • Electronic controls give you the ability to easily program the unit to your needs.
    • Large filter area makes it very easy to change the filters when needed.

A Honeywell Enviracare offers a very quiet model with long-lasting effects in your air purification. If you should choose to purchase a lifetime HEPA filter, you will never need to worry about buying expensive filter replacements again.

A simple vacuum can enable you to always have a working filtration system. Despite the fact that the Honeywell Enviracare has been discontinued, the filters used are still very common and used in other models, making it very easy to find replacement filters. This model is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a quality air purifier.





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