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Oreck Air Purifier Review : Reviewing The Oreck XL Tabletop Professional Air Purifier

  An Oreck air purifier review can help you decide if a certain model is exactly what you are looking for or if you should focus your attention elsewhere.

When you are looking for the best type of purifier for your home or workspace, you are going to want to find one that will fit within your budget but still cover all of the tasks you need it for.

If you don't use an Oreck air purifier review, you may never know if you are getting a product that will do this for you. That's why the Oreck XL tabletop professional air purifier is up for examination.

What does Oreck XL Tabletop Air Purifier offer its Users?

The tabletop model of this Oreck air purifier uses three different forms of technology to clean and purify the air in your environment. It has three different speed settings, which can effect the level of noise that it produces.

This model also has the components which will last for a lifetime if properly cared for, making it a great investment when looking for the best air purifier available.

  • Three Different Forms of Technology Used!

  • The Oreck XL Tabletop Professional air purifier is a model that features three different types of technology to help cleanse and purifier the air in your home or office environment. Approaching the problem of tainted air with multiple types of technology can help you get the most out of your air purification.

    Truman Cell Technology

    As the air is pulled in through the fans of the purifier in the front of the model, the first thing it will reach is the Truman Cell that an Oreck uses. It is an electrostatic piece of equipment that has a positive charge and as the air is pulled through this filter, any viruses, germs, and other maladies will be zapped and removed from the air.

    A Truman Cell is the piece of equipment that will need most frequently cleaned in this purifier, generally needing to be washed with soap and water every 3 days. After washing, it generally requires 24 hours to fully dry before it can be used again.

    If always properly cared for, however, a Truman Cell should last for a consumer's entire lifetime. If a replacement is desired, however, you can expect to spend around $60.

    Charcoal Filters

    A charcoal filter is the next area that the air will be pushed through after it leaves the Truman Cell. This charcoal filter is generally used to remove any odors from the air. As the air passes through, the charcoal in the filter will absorb any chemicals in the air that produce a scent.

    Each of these filters will need to be replaced around every 3 months of use and will generally cost about $30 per filter.


    This filter is a mesh fixture located on the back of the tabletop air purifier and acts as a permanent fixture of the machine.

    As the Truman Cell works, it will produce an amount of ozone into the air that it recently purified. This Oxygenator feature will remove that ozone from the air, making it clean and fully pure once more. Only the surface should ever need cleaned on this filter part. Removing it is not recommended.

  • Performance Levels of the Oreck XL Tabletop Air Purifier
  • Typically, this purifier will clean a 600 square foot room within an hour, giving a small room plenty more air changes. This will help to always keep your home or office clean and fresh, giving the best environment for anyone to be in. Over 95% of the particles in any batch of air will be captured and removed, making the air as clean as possible.

  • Maintenance Requirements
  •   Any Oreck air purifier review should properly tell you all of the consistent work that will need to go into making your purifier run. While this machine can remove particles as small as 0.1 microns from the air and help to remove viruses, bacteria, and other germs from the air, it will need frequent attention.

    Typically, the Truman Cell will need to be cleaned with soap and water every three days. If you do not clean it this often, it will make a loud zapping noise as well as not purify the air as well as it should.

    The charcoal filter should be replaced around every three months to fully get the effect of having the air cleaned in scent as well as impunities. Thankfully, there are lights on the display of the purifier to let you know whenever the Truman Cell or the charcoal filter should be replaced.

    While the Oxygenator will not need replaced, wiping it down anytime that you are changing the filters wouldn't be a bad decision.

  • Energy Use
  • Less wattage is needed to run this air purifier than a typical 85 watt bulb over an hour. This will give you more freedom to use the air purifier at a more consistent rate because it will not be costing you as much in electricity bills.

    Additionally, choosing the speed the fans run on will help with the energy use. Silent and medium will use a slower fan speed, saving even more power. The high fan speed will be the most energy needed, yet still be efficient and affordable.

  • Price And Warranty
  • The tabletop air purifier will generally market for nearly $370. Warranties are included with the model, although they will differ based on the environment that one plans to use them in. If it is going to be used in a residential home setting, it will have a 3 year warranty. If the model is purchased for an office, that warranty drops to simply 1 year.

  • Additional Features
    • A night light is provided in the control panel, giving you the ability to change settings on the machine without needing to turn on all the lights to see what you are doing.You also have the power to turn this night light off, muting the effects of this light in a dark room.
    • Display lights will indicate when the Truman Cell or the charcoal filter needs to be cleaned, making it easier to perform required maintenance on the machine.
    • The control panel is easily laid out, cutting out all confusion and complicated control issues.
This Oreck air purifier review states that the tabletop model can help you make your home or office a better environment to work in. Three different technologies all combine to give you the freshest, most sterile air possible. This helps with making your space safe and comfortable and anyone should consider the positive effects this can have.




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