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Looking at the Range of Austin Air Purifier Models


An Austin air purifier is a purchase that many people will make for their home when they find that they have the need to bring a better level of purification into their home environment.

  While there are many different air purifiers available on the market, Austin will stand out in some very important ways.

That's why, when you are looking for an air cleaner, spending time with an Austin air purifier may give you the insight that you need to make the best decision possible.

Austin air cleaners, in particular, stand out because of the high power of filtration that they provide to all of their users. Four different levels are located within the machine, all of which will work together to push your air to the best states possible.

Between the first two pre-filters, which will capture all of the airborne particles, the carbon zeolite filter which eliminates odors, gases, and chemicals, and the medical grade HEPA filter which can remove germs and bacteria from the atmosphere, you will have some of the highest possible levels of purification at your fingertips.

Austin also offers one of the longest warranties on the market. A 5 year full warranty will protect any defects which arise within the unit itself.

More than this, however, the warranty will also cover the filter life, something which is nearly unheard of. Should the filters quit working properly within a 5 year time span, they will be fully covered by the manufacturer.

This proves, that no matter which of the Austin air purifiers that you purchase, you will be making a safe investment for your money.

Austin Air Healthmate and Healthmate Jr

Filter Technology:

Both of these filters will use the four levels of purification which every Austin air purifier will feature.

The only difference between the two is that the Healthmate will feature 15 pounds of carbon zeolite, while the Healthmate Jr will have 6.5 pounds.

There will also be 60 feet of HEPA filter in the Healthmate, while the Jr will have only 30.

Area Covered:

The original Healthmate model can cover areas of 1500 square feet, a very large range.

The Healthmate Jr, built for a smaller area, can typically purify rooms of a 750 square foot area.

Maintenance Required:

The filters themselves will last for 5 years, although to maintain this level of efficiency, the pre-filters will need to be vacuumed around every 6 months. This will remove particles and provide the best air flow possible.

Price and Warranty:

The standard 5 year full warranty will cover parts and filters on both models. The Healthmate traditionally sells for $450, while the Jr will sell for $300.

Additional Features:

The Healthmate will push 400 cubic feet of air through the unit per minute, while the Jr can push up to 200 cubic feet through.

Austin Healthmate Plus and Healthmate Jr Plus Air Cleaners

Filter Technology:

The same 4 stages are used in these models as you will find in all Austin purifiers.

The Healthmate Plus will use 15 pounds of carbon zeolite, the Plus Jr will have 6.5 pounds. You can find 60 feet of HEPA filter in the Plus, while the Plus Jr has 30 feet.

Areas Covered:

Using the Healthmate Plus is best recommended for a room of 1500 square feet or less. The Healthmate Plus Jr should only be used in environments of 750 square feet or smaller.

Maintenance Needed:

In order to keep the purifiers running at their optimal rate for the 5 year warranty, you should vacuum the pre-filters every 6 months to maintain the best air flow possible.

Price and Warranty:

A 5 year full warranty is provided both for parts of the machine and for the filter life, as long as the unit is run under normal home conditions. The Healthmate Plus retails for $550, while the Jr will sell for $350.

Additional Features:

Three different fan speeds will come with each unit to help you control the way it runs within your home and the purification it will provide.

Austin Air Purifier - Allergy Machine and Allergy Machine Jr

Filter Technology:

Three levels of purification are the same as the other Austin air purifiers, both pre-filters and the HEPA filter.

Instead of including a carbon zeolite presence, however, these models will feature a military carbon cloth to help eliminate gases and chemicals from your air.

Area Covered:

The Austin Allergy Machine will treat an area of 750 square feet, while the Allergy Machine Jr should be used in an area of 375 square feet or less.

Maintenance Needed:

In order to keep the purifier filters running for the full 5 years, you must frequently vacuum the pre-filters to remove all of the dirt and contamination that they pick up.

Price and Warranty:

The traditional 5 year full warranty applied to both of these models. The Allergy Machine will sell for around $450, while the Jr model sells for about $300.

Additional Features:

These units are energy efficient, using about as much electric wattage as a traditional light bulb uses per hour of operation.

Austin Pet Machine

Filter Technology:

You will be exposed to filtration in 4 different forms with this purifier. Two different pre-filters, a carbon zeolite blend, and a HEPA filter will all capture contamination in your air.

Area Covered:

The Pet Machine is built to treat areas of 750 square feet or smaller. If you place this unit into a room of 144 square feet, however, you will receive 6 full air changes in an hour.

Maintenance Required:

Besides vacuuming the pre-filters often, you will need to replace the filter units every 5 years. The total combined cost of these replacements will be around $200.

Price and Warranty:

This unit should sell for around $500. It will also feature the typical 5 year full warranty that Austin Air provides for all of its air purifiers.

Additional Features:

The Austin Pet Machine is specifically designed to target pet dander and odors that pets will leave behind. It's a smart unit to include for any home which includes a beloved pet.

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What Can Air Purifiers Do?

Air purifiers can reduce and eliminate a whole host of airborne contaminants such as -

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