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What Does The Austin Healthmate Air Purifier Model 400 Offer?

  Austin Healthmate air purifier is the flagship product of the Austin brand and can give you some of the highest levels of purification that you could expect from a single purifier.

Taking standard filters and improving the design around them, this air cleaner is able to turn one piece of equipment into a high-functioning operation that should work for years into the future.

The Austin Healthmate is the basic example of what cleaners Austin will offer, but it is a good place to start a closer look.

Pros of this Austin Air Purifier

  • Three different speeds give you a higher level of control over the air quality of your home.
  • Absolutely no ozone is produced by the machine, making this one of the healthiest units available.
  • Four different levels of filtration are applied to all of the air which passes through this unit.
  • Filters can last for a very long time before they will need to be changed.

Cons of this Austin Air Purifier

  • The model itself weighs a great deal, coming in at 45 pounds for the unit.
  • The initial price of the unit is more expensive than other models of purifier.

What does Austin Healthmate Air System offer its Users?

  • Filter Technology Of The Model
  • This Austin Air Healthmate 400 air cleaner model, being the base model after which all the other models are designed, will show you some of the best levels of filter technology that you could find on the market.

    This purifier will use 4 different levels of filtration to make the air in your home clean, pure, and safe.

    You will not be able to find this high level of quality satisfaction anywhere else and for this reason, the Healthmate 400 deserves a closer look.

    The design of the Austin Air HM400 will bring in air from all sides of the unit. This will help control the uniform spread of use of the air filter and is just one reason why the air filters with the Healthmate are able to last for such a long time.As the air is being moved through the purifier in so many different directions, more air will have the chance of being purified by your machine.

    As the air first enters the air cleaner, it will be pushed through the first pre-filter, which is designed to pick up the biggest particles in your air. These are the particles that you can normally see with the naked eye, from hair, dust, lint, and pet dander. These particles will only work on clogging up the main filters, so the better you can grab them, the longer a life you will have with your other filters.

    After this stage, a second pre-filter is presented which can help you with smaller particles. This stage of the filter can usually grab the items like mold spores, pollen, and other allergens which will typically aggravate your system.

    Between these two pre-filters, you will be exposed to more filtration than many other brands of purifier will give you.

    Before the final stage, the air in your Austin Air Healthmate will pass through a carbon/zeolite filter. There will be 15 pounds of this material inside of your filter, which will all work together on eliminating the presence of odor, chemicals, and gases in your home.With this much present, you will know that you'll have high odor control for a long time to come.

    Finally, a hospital-regulation HEPA filter can work on removing the smallest micro-organisms from your air. Bacteria, germs, and other viral presences will all be captured and rendered ineffective.

    Once the air exits your machine, it will have been exposed to some of the highest levels of purification available.

  • Area Covered
  • The Austin Air HM400 air cleaner covers 1500 square feet of air. This is best for very large rooms, although smaller rooms will be given an even higher level of purification.

    On the highest speed setting, 400 cubic feet per minute will be passed through the filter, turning your area into a space that will receive multiple air changes in an hour.

  • Maintenance Required
  • Due to the nature of this machine, the HEPA filter should be able to last for up to 5 years. In fact, this lifespan is given a guarantee from Austin. This Austin Air Health Mate should be able to give you 5 years of quality service before the filters need to be replaced.

    When that time does come, the HEPA filter should cost you a little under $200, with the pre-filters costing around $25. Considering that they run for nearly 5 years, though, this is much cheaper than other units with more frequent replacements.

    The pre-filter units should be vacuumed around every six months, however. This will aid you with keeping the airways clean and able to function at a high level of air flow. This will keep your machine running smoothly and your air pure.

  • Noise Levels
  • Three speeds will come with this Austin Healthmate air purifier. The highest speeds will push nearly 400 cubic feet of air through the system, which is a very powerful rate.

    Naturally, this level will make much more noise than the quietest level, which will push only 48 cubic feet through.

    The noise you will hear will depend greatly on the speed you feel you need to run your purifier at.

  • Price and Warranty
  • Both the filters and the mechanical parts of the Austin Air Healthmate will come with a 5 year pro-rated warranty.

Should anything happen within the unit or to the filters to make it not work as well as it should, the problems will be fixed. This alone makes this purifier worth the purchase. When you consider that the unit itself will only cost $450, this turns into a very smart purchase.

The Austin Healthmate air purifier 400 model is one of the best purifiers that you could get for your money. No other purifier is able to clean your air at so high of a rate for the price this unit sells for.

If you want the best purification possible for your home, this is a air purifier that you should highly consider.





Austin Healthmate

  • Technologies/Filters Used
  • 2 pre-filters


  • Room Size
  • 1500 sq. feet

  • Noise Levels
  • 3 Speeds

  • Warranty
  • 5 Years

  • Star Ratings
  • Air Purifier Air Purifier Air Purifier Air Purifier Air Purifier

  • Price
  • $ 450.00

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What Can Air Purifiers Do?

Air purifiers can reduce and eliminate a whole host of airborne contaminants such as -

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  • Mildew
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
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