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The Austin Air Cleaner For Pets


An Austin air cleaner is one of the best models that you could ever hope to purchase.

  This is because the Austin manufacturers use only the best types of filtration to help bring the particles and allergens in your air to the lowest level possible.

The Austin air cleaner for pets can, in particular, help you control all of the allergens and other imperfect qualities of your air which come when a pet is a part of your household.

Pros of the Austin Air Pet Machine

  • You will have four different types of filter technology working to lower the allergens in your air.
  • The filters will operate from all sides, bringing air in to give a more uniform filtration.
  • The pre-filters can be vacuumed, extending the life they will operate for.

Cons of the Austin Air Pet Machine

  • The unit is a very heavy one, making it difficult to move from place to place.
  • There is no easy-to-read digital display to help you with adjusting the settings of the machine.

What does Austin Air Cleaner offer its Users?

  • Filter Technology Of The Air Purifier

    The Austin Pet Machine is designed to help treat your home to a high level of purification from both your pets and typical allergens in the air. It will use 4 separate forms of filtration to bring the air into your home to a better state of cleanliness and when you use this filter system, you will immediately begin to notice a better quality of air.

    It will, however, particularly target allergens in the air which can come about from having pets, so anyone who owns pets and wants a high-quality air purifier should look at the Pet Machine.

    The outer layer of filtration will work on trapping the largest particles that you can find in the air. This will include the dander which comes off of your pets, as well as hair and lint.

    Typically, it will be everything that you can see with the naked eye. These are the pieces of dirt and contamination which usually clog the filters up the quickest and will rapidly degrade the life of the filter itself.

    After this layer, you can find a second pre-filter of a smaller nature. This can trap smaller allergens in the air which cause problems, such as pollen or mold spores.

    The combined efforts of the two outer pre-filters will give you a high rate of purification without the HEPA filters even being involved.

    The third layer of filtration will come in the form of a carbon and zeolite blend. This is the layer which will remove odors, chemicals, and gases from your air.

    It can help make your home the safest place possible from the contaminates which might hurt your lungs and your health. The odor control will help with pet odors which may naturally occur in your home as well, giving you the best assistance possible with making your home a healthy, happy place.

    The HEPA filter will be the final stage of purification and it will take the remaining air and remove the final bits of contamination which can be found in the air.

    These will be particles which are 0.03 microns tiny or larger and typically will be viruses, bacteria, germs, and other airborne contamination.

    Once you remove these final bits of contamination, your air will be clean and pure and safe to spend time in. You won't even notice aggravation from your pets, as your air on all possible levels will be better.

  • Area Covered By The Purifier
  • In a room of 144 square feet, you will receive over 6 air changes in an hour. The purifier itself, however, is rated to clean rooms up to 750 square feet, making this a strong performer in many different areas of your home. You can place this in an average room and should be able to affect different rooms adjacent to this one.

  • Maintenance Needed
  • The HEPA and the carbon zeolite filters are guaranteed to last you for 5 years by the manufacturer. This is one of the longest performances lives that you can find with an air filter.

    In order to keep this running at this rate, however, you will need to pay attention to the pre-filter components. They will naturally begin to collect a great deal of dirt and debris from the air and you will need to keep these airways free and clear.

    You can actually vacuum these pre-filters periodically to remove all of the dirt and contamination from them. This will assist you with keeping the purifier running to the best of its ability.

    By opening the purifier at least every 6 months, removing the pre-filters, and vacuuming them with upholstery tools, you can restore them to a great working condition once more.

    When the time does come to replace the HEPA and carbon zeolite filters, you should be able to purchase both for under $200. If you choose to buy replacement pre-filters, the set can usually be found for under $25.

    While this does seem like a great deal of money, it is a purchase that you will only need to make every 5 years and this makes the yearly maintenance costs on the purifier very cheap.

  • Noise Levels
  •   You will find 3 different fan speeds on the Pet Machine air purifier, which will directly control the amount of noise the unit makes. The faster speeds make more noise, while the slower speeds will be more quiet.

    The motor of this air purifier has been Energy Star rated, however, ensuring that this is an energy efficient unit that you can run.

  • Price and Warranty
  • Both the mechanics of the purifier as well as the filters are guaranteed to last for 5 full years.

You should not have to worry about having an inoperable machine during this period of time for it will be protected by the manufacturer's warranty.

This Austin air cleaner will sell for $500, which is worth the entire cost specifically for the outstanding warranty.

While an Austin air cleaner can come in many different formats, the Pet Machine is a great example of one that will help you target particular areas of your home.

The trouble that usually comes along with owning pets will be reduced because your air quality will be treated to a high purification. This makes your home a more comfortable environment that you will always get the maximum amount of rest in.





Austin Air Cleaner Pet Machine

  • Technologies/Filters Used
  • 2 pre-filters

    Carbon Hepa

  • Room Size
  • 750 sq. feet

  • Noise Levels
  • 3 Speeds

  • Warranty
  • 5 Years

  • Star Ratings
  • Air Purifier Air Purifier Air Purifier Air Purifier Air Purifier

  • Price
  • $ 500.00

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Air purifiers can reduce and eliminate a whole host of airborne contaminants such as -

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