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Looking Closer at the BlueAir 201 Air Purifier


  A BlueAir 201 air purifier is one that gives you the chance to purify your home to the best of your ability using the tools which have been provided.

Special technology is provided in this air purifier, making it a great choice for anyone who wants to ensure that they are going to clean their home to the best of their ability.

Examining the specifics of the BlueAir 201 air purifier can help you best determine if it is the correct purifier for your home.

Pros of the Blue Air 201 Air Purifier

  • HEPASilent filter works quieter than any other HEPA filter on the market, allowing you to run your machine without any background distraction.
  • SurroundAir technology works to purify air through a space larger than other air purifiers by six times.
  • Very energy efficient, runs on less power than a traditional light bulb.
  • Works to reduce odors as well as purifying the air.

Cons of the Blue Air 201 Air Purifier

  • Filters should be replaced every six months or so, making you need to frequently maintenance the machine.
  • Unit weights nearly 25 pounds.

What Does Blue Air 201 Air Purifier Offer?

  • Technology Used

  • HEPA filter technology is some of the best technology that you could find to run an air purifier. The Blue air purifiers are made so that they capture as many particles in the air as is possible. A traditional HEPA filter will take in at least 99.7% of the particles in the air that are at least 0.3 microns small. This is for a traditional HEPA filter. The HEPASilent filter is not one of those filters.

    The BlueAir 201 air purifier uses an advanced HEPASilent filter that works at an even better rate. 99.97% of all contaminates in the air that are 0.1 microns will be trapped by this filter. This makes a better rate of catching particles that are even smaller than a traditional HEPA might. This allows you to have air that is even cleaner and more pure than you would find with any other model that uses HEPA technology.

    This Blue air air purifier uses an additional filtration technology to accomplish its goals, however. An activated carbon filter will help absorb all of the unwanted odors that may be in your air. As the odor in the air will reach the carbon layer, the carbon will attack the organic compounds found in the odor. This will help eliminate any unwanted smells in your air.

  • Air Changes Per Room Size
  • The more times that an air purifier can change the air in a room, the better it will work for you. This will help you have the cleanest, purest air possible at all points of the day. This Blue Air model will cover 2 air changes in a room of 528 square feet. You can have 6 complete air changes, which is usually the recommended number, for a room that is 175 square feet, giving you the best chance of great purification.

  • Maintenance and Filter Replacement
  • The machine will need to be wiped down frequently. Dust, dirt, and other particles will naturally be attracted to the machine. Dirt will naturally begin to collect on the machine and on the grates that house the fan and filters. Wiping these grates down frequently will help prevent more dirt from building up and potentially clogging the machine.

    The filter will also need replacement around every six months. There are two different types of filters that you can choose from. The typical HEPASilent filter will only cost around $50 to replace. If you choose to have the optional carbon odor-remover as part of your purifier, however, you will be able to purchase a different form of filter that costs nearly $80. That will help purify the room as well as remove all unwanted odors.

  • Energy And Noise
  •   The 201 has been modeled to great environmental standards and is rated as one of the top energy efficient purifiers on the market. Even at the highest speed, it will use less energy than a traditional light bulb at 60 watts. At this rate, it is easy for anyone to run one of these machines without having to worry about excess payments on their electricity bill.

    The HEPASilent technology is also patented to allow for the quietest possible use of the fan system. This purifier will always be extremely silent, usually causing no more noise than a traditional desktop computer would with its motors and fans. You will be able to run this machine constantly without worrying about a great deal of distraction.

  • Price and Warranty
  • A BlueAir 201 air purifier will retail for $350. You will be able to find it from other manufacturers for a little as $235, however, making it a much more convenient price for anyone who wants a quality purifier without having to spend too much money. The filters will cost more money as time progresses, but this is natural for any air purifier.

    The warranty provided is excellent, however. A 10 year warranty is given to a Blue Air, as long as all of the filters are replaced on a regular schedule over the course of that 10 years. Any other defects which may occur to the model will be covered by the manufacturer.

  • Additional Features
    • Should any defects arise within the first 30 days of use, Blue Air will replace the unit at absolutely no cost to the user.
    • Works on helping mold control on top of dust and other contaminates.
The BlueAir 201 air purifier works at a very efficient rate, allowing anyone to help purify their air thoroughly.

The price is low and although filters need to be replaced often, it offers a very high rate of success. The energy efficiency and relatively low cost make this a great choice for anyone wanting an affordable air purifier.





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What Can Air Purifiers Do?

Air purifiers can reduce and eliminate a whole host of airborne contaminants such as -

  • Household Dust
  • Dust Mites
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Mold Spores
  • Mildew
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Gases
  • Odors
  • Chemicals


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