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Look to the BlueAir 402 Air Purifier For Great Purification

  A BlueAir 402 air purifier is one that uses a few different types of air filtration to help make sure that you are getting the highest level of air quality cleaning that you can get.

Using HEPA technology along with electrostatic filtration techniques, you will be exposed to a level of quality air purifying that you may not be able to get in any other type of purifier.

Make the smart choice by looking into a BlueAir 402 air purifier more.

Pros of Blue Air 402 Air Purifier

  • This Blue Air purifier is extremely energy efficient, using less than 80 watts on the highest speed.
  • Filters are very easy to change, for you simply pull one out and push the other one in.
  • Technology allows the model to run at a very quiet noise level, allowing constant use with minimum distraction.
  • Non-toxic filters are used, making the model even safer than others.

Cons of Blue Air 402 Air Purifier

  • Filters will need very frequent replacement, especially with the extended warranty option.
  • Unit weighs nearly 35 pounds, making it rather heavy.

What Does BlueAir 402 Air Purifier Offer?

  • Technology Used

  • Traditional HEPA filters were not enough for Blue Air, who took the existing HEPA technology and updated it to fit their particular needs. This resulted in a HEPASilent filter, which works even better than the traditional HEPA and runs at a much quieter noise level. One who uses a HEPASilent filter will never be bothered by an air purifier again.

    A traditional HEPA filter will capture particles that are 0.3 microns small and larger, traditionally. This can help remove a great deal of contaminates from the air. The only problem is that there are more contaminates much smaller than 0.3 microns.

    Therefore, by using an electrostatic technology, a HEPASilent filter used by the BlueAir 402 model will help to absorb particles as small as 0.1 microns. This will work on 99.97% of the air that is passed through this filter.

    This turns the HEPASilent filter into a great investment because it will allow you to have one of the highest levels of purification possible while running your machine without a great deal of noise. It's nearly silent and you will not be forced to suffer any distractions in the meantime.

    If you are looking to have an odor removal feature as well, you can use the Smokestop Filter to help remove all unwanted odors. Using activated carbon, this feature will attack the organic compounds in the air which make up these odors. It will break these compounds down and help to eliminate the odors from your home. It is not a necessary feature to use, however, aiding you in saving a little money from filter replacement.

  • Room Size Serviced
  • Typically, the Blue Air 402 will work best in a room of 310 square feet. In a room this size, this model will give six complete air changes, which is what is recommended for the highest level of satisfaction with the air quality.

    In larger spaces, the purifier will work less well. A 900 square foot area, for example, will receive 2 complete air changes in the same time period.

  • Filter Replacement and Other Maintenance
  • Each of the filters will traditionally need replaced every six months. If you wish to carry out the 10 year warranty, they must be replaced every six months to keep it in the conditions of the warranty. Changing the filters is very easy, however. All that you need to do is slide it out of the compartment and drop the new one in. No tools will be required to do so.

    A traditional HEPASilent replacement filter will cost around $60. The Smokestop filter generally retails for around $120. The Smokestop filter is an optional filter, however, which gives you the option of replacing it only when you feel the odor reduction is no longer working.

    Besides this, you should wipe the unit down frequently. This will help to remove dust and other dirt that will build up on the unit, especially around the fan. This will stop the machine from clogging up and will keep it running at an optimal speed.

  • Energy and Noise Levels
  •   The Blue Air 402 air purifier is a very energy efficient model. The top speed will only run at 80 watts per hour, making it more convenient than a typical light bulb may be. The silent speed will be no louder than a typical desktop computer. You should be able to constantly run this machine without worrying about distraction.

  • Warranty and Price
  • A 5 year warranty is typically given to this unit, although you could easily be serviced by the 10 year limited warranty. The conditions of the 10 year warranty are that you must replace the HEPA filter every 6 months. Without this key fact, the manufacturer will not service your product.

    A 402 will usually be found for around $390. You may be able to find deals featuring them with additional filters, which may affect the price, although you can expect to spend at least this amount on the model.

  • Additional Features
    • The unit is covered with steel, making it strong and durable.
    • Helps to combat and control the presence of mold in the air.
    • Sleek design is attractive to the eye, helping you to have a great looking model.
The BlueAir 402 air purifier is one that will best work for any home that is looking for a high level of filtration.

You may need to replace the filters often, but the warranty that comes with the unit should provide for a great long-lasting air filter. This could be the perfect choice for anyone who wants a highly purified environment for their best comfort level.




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What Can Air Purifiers Do?

Air purifiers can reduce and eliminate a whole host of airborne contaminants such as -

  • Household Dust
  • Dust Mites
  • Pollen
  • Pet Dander
  • Mold Spores
  • Mildew
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Gases
  • Odors
  • Chemicals


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