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A Further Look Into A BlueAir 601 Air Purifier


  The BlueAir 601 air purifier unit is one that will give you the ability to use one of the highest levels of purification that is available.

Anyone who wants to give their home the best level of cleanliness should examine the best air purifier available. The BlueAir 601 air purifier may help you have the safest environment that you can.

Pros of Blue Air 601 Air Purifier

  • Both HEPA technology and electrostatic capturing is used to filter the air as much as possible.
  • Over 99.97% of contaminates in the air will be removed, an outstanding rate of success.
  • The SurroundAir system will expel the purified air without causing drafts.

Cons of Blue Air 601 Air Purifier

  • Odor control is not included with the model and if you want this, you must upgrade to an additional filter.
  • Filters will need frequent replacement to keep up with the extended 10 year warranty.

What Does Blue Air 601 Air Purifier Offer?

  • Technology Used

  • A BlueAir 601 air purifier uses a HEPA technology which is unique to Blue Air systems. Improving on the traditional HEPA filter, this model of Blue air purifier features a HEPASilent filter, which uses additional technology to not only clean more of the air, but to do it at a quieter rate than any other type of purifier.

    This works based on the way that the HEPASilent technology is used. They are built using nontoxic polypropylene material, which is not toxic either to humans or the environment. This makes the HEPASilent model one of the best ecologically friendly purifier filters available. The filter has an additional level of benefit, however.

    The millions of thin fibers which make up the HEPASilent filter will capture a great deal of particles which can be found in the air. This will help make the air rather clean. The attraction is not done here, however. The air will then be processed using electrostatic energy, which will give all of the remaining particles an electric charge. This charge will attract the remaining filters to the filter fibers, making it have an even higher level of purification. In fact, 99.97% of all particles that are 0.1 microns or smaller will be captured with the HEPASilent filtration system.

    If you should choose to upgrade to the Smokestop odor control filter, however, you will additionally be giving yourself the ability to control unwanted odors in your home that may be caused by pets, cigarette smoke, or even cooking odors. Activated carbon will help to absorb these odors, eliminating their presence from your air.

  • Room Size Treated
  • The Blue Air 601 model will work best in a space of 679 square feet or smaller. The unit will give a room of that size 6 complete air changes per hour, if not more.

    Placing the unit in a smaller room will obviously produce even more air changes. If you put the unit in a larger room, the recommended 6 air changes per hour will be reduced, but a space of up to 1840 square feet may be given 2 complete air changes in that same hour.

  • Filter Replacement and Maintenance
  • The filters will need to be replaced every six months, according to the terms of the warranty. This will help you with making sure that you are always helping your BlueAir 601 air purifier to run at its optimal level and will give you the highest quality of air purification that you can have.

    It is very easy to replace these filters. The top of the machine will simply pop open, no tools will be required. From here, you pull the top of the filter and it should slide directly out of the unit. After that, you slide the replacement in and you are done. That should help you with always giving your machine the best chance to operate.

    These replacement filters are often found cheapest in packs of 3. A pack of 3 HEPASilent filters will generally cost you around $90. Buying a pack of 3 Smokestop filters, the optional ones, may cost you around $150.

    Other than this, the unit should frequently be wiped down to help remove dust and dirt that could collect on the machine. The vents will especially need to be cleared, helping to remove all of the contaminates that build up there. This will give you the best chance of protecting the machine against clogging.

  • Noise and Energy
  • The special technology in the HEPASilent filter should make no more noise than your desktop computer. The higher fan speeds will usually make more noise, but nothing should be unbearable.

    These Blue Air purifiers, however, are some of the most energy efficient purifiers available. Running this unit on the lowest speed will only take 35 watts. The highest speed should consume no more than 135 watts.

  • Warranty Coverage and Price
  • The 601 model will come with an extended 10 year warranty under the provision that the filters are changed every 6 months. This will keep the machine running at its highest possible levels and minimize the risks of damages happening to the machine.

    This unit will usually retail around $600. If you choose to immediately include the Smokestop carbon filter to help with odor control, you can expect to pay more.

  • Additional Features
    • Unit produces no harmful ozone emission, which many other types of purifiers will do.
    • Air is released from the model from a number of different ports, stopping the air from coming out in one big stream.
    Buying a BlueAir 601 air purifier will be a large investment for your home. It will, however, give you the best chance at giving your home the cleanest air possible over as large of a space as you might have.

    The different technologies used in the HEPASilent filter of Blueair air purifiers is very effective and can give you a safe environment. While somewhat expensive, it will also be a great investment to help your health stay as strong as possible.





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What Can Air Purifiers Do?

Air purifiers can reduce and eliminate a whole host of airborne contaminants such as -

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  • Mold Spores
  • Mildew
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
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