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Is a Kenmore Air Cleaner A Smart Investment?


The Kenmore air cleaner that you may be looking at could provide you with the best opportunity to purify your home and make your environment much easier to spend time in.

  Kenmore itself produces a number of reliable household appliances which can function well over a long period of time and should serve to make your life easier overall.

This is why, when you are looking for a strong air purification system for your home, a Kenmore air cleaner could be the best example you could purchase.

The Kenmore 83202 air purifier should be one that you pay particular attention to. This unit has a number of features which you can take advantage of, from four different fan speeds to boost the level of cleaning power, to a sleep mode that will help you run the unit at all times throughout the day.

Kenmore air cleaners will traditionally give you a great opportunity to purify the air in your home environment and the Kenmore 83202 is no exception.

Pros of Kenmore 83202

  • The unit has very good ratings with cleaning smoke, dust, and other allergens out of the air.
  • The unit's display will indicate when the filters need to be changed, which can help you maintain the highest level of purity with your cleaner.
  • Electronic controls will give you the easiest possible way to program and control the machine.

Cons of Kenmore 83202

  • The unit is somewhat noisy, potentially causing a distraction in your home.
  • The replacement filters can be costly at times, requiring more money to keep the unit functional.

What Does Kenmore Air Cleaner Offer?

  • Technology Used

  • This is a True HEPA air cleaner, which means that when you purchase this model, you are trying to bring a level of purity to your home that only HEPA filtration can provide. The True HEPA filters will work on removing at least 99.7% of all of the contaminates in the air which are 0.3 microns or larger. This will include everything from dust and dander to mold and tobacco smoke.

    By cleaning the air of the presence of all of these contaminates, you will give yourself the best possible result of purification you would hope for.

    This is why Kenmore air cleaners will typically be purchased by those who need a very high level of purification in their home. The CADR ratings of the Kenmore 83202 are of a standard where 330 for both dust and smoke and 288 for pollen are given. This shows just how many contaminates and allergens will be removed from the air every time that you run this model.

    Before the air reaches the True HEPA filter, however, it will be treated to a pre-filter. This pre-filter technology works on capturing the largest contaminates from the air before that air reaches the HEPA filter, which will allow the HEPA filtration to work even longer. In this pre-filter is also a carbon presence, which works on eliminating the presence of odor in the air. The carbon element is an absorber, which breaks down the organic compounds that make up scents and will make your air smell fresher and clean.

  • Area Covered
  • This Kenmore air cleaner is designed to give the best quality of air purification to rooms of 510 square feet or smaller. This makes it a great presence for a larger room and can work on making your house a safer environment to be in.

    If you place this air purifier in a smaller room,you should be subject to more air changes per hour, which can increase the level of cleanliness which you are subject to.

  • Maintenance Required
  •   This True HEPA filter technology will last for an entire year before it needs to be replaced. Thankfully, replacing these filters is also quite easy, as you simply need to pull the contaminated filter out of the unit and slide in a clean one for the replacement.

    While the HEPA filter itself will be somewhat expensive, costing around $100 per filter, it will only need this replacement about once per year.

    The carbon activated pre-filters will cost about $30 for a multi-pack. These filters will need to be replaced much more frequently, both for the advantage of the odor control as well as making sure that the largest particles possible are always removed from the air. It is recommended for these pre-filters to be replaced every three months.

  • Noise Levels
  • Four different fan speeds will make up this air cleaner's performance. The quietest speeds are designed to be no more than a whisper, although you will probably always notice it faintly in the background.

    The loudest speed is a Turbo setting, which is quite noticeable and very distracting, although it will also clean a great deal of air very quickly, by pushing it through on a powerful setting.

  • Price and Warranty
  • This Kenmore air cleaner unit typically retails for around $360, although shortages of this unit in the market have had some retailers pricing it even higher. If you ever find this unit for under $360, it is a great deal that should be taken advantage of.

    The warranty offered only covers a year worth of use, but this Kenmore air cleaner should not be subject to many defects and breaking. For this reason, it is a very reasonable and smart purchase to invest in.

  • Additional Features
    • A sleep mode will allow you to run this unit for a set period of time before it will automatically shut down.
    • A built in cord system will allow you to only have the amount of cord that you need exposed.
    • A handle directly on the unit makes this model very easy to transport from room to room.
A Kenmore air cleaner is a smart investment anytime that you are looking for a high quality of purification to be brought into your home.

While the filter replacements can be somewhat expensive, they also provide a level of cleanliness which few other purifiers are able to manage. For this reason, the Kenmore 83202 model is a very wise purchase to bring your home into a state of high cleanliness.





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