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Is a Soleus Air Purifier a Wise Investment?


A Soleus air purifier is yet another example of the many varying types of purifiers which are on the market today.

  When you are looking for the perfect purifier for your home needs, you will need to sift through many different options for every company seems to put their own twist on their air purifiers.

A Soleus air purifier is designed to give you purification using only green technology.

Soleus itself is very dedicated toward helping the world move toward a more sustainable culture. People should not have to use all of the natural resources available on the planet in order to have a healthy and comfortable lifestyle. This includes the level of air quality that they experience in their own homes.

Many air cleaners will use methods that cause a great deal of waste and use a lot of power in order to help you out. This only causes even more pollution in the end and damages the overall air purity even more. Therefore, when you are looking for a strong sense of cleanliness to your air, you should consider methods like the ones that Soleus uses.

Two different models of air purifier are currently offered by Soleus. Depending on what you are looking to get out of your purifier, you should consider each of these models for their own strengths and merits.

One of the biggest principles behind being green is buying a product which is going to last you for the longest time possible. If you have any inclination toward moving to a bigger house at some point in the near future, a smaller purifier may not be your best choice.

By the same token, if you plan on staying in a location for quite some time, you wouldn't need the bigger air purifier. Making decisions like this before you choose between Soleus air purifiers could give you the best chance of making a smart choice.

SA-50 Soleus Air Purifier

This is the smaller model of air cleaner which Soleus puts on the market. It has a number of strong features, however, which make it a strong contender against any air purifier. Not only is it going to be very energy efficient, based on the standards that Soleus makes their products with, but it can offer you a standard of purification as well that puts it in the top class with purifiers of other brands.

HEPA filtration is a standard part of the Soleus SA-50. This filter works on capturing at least 99.7% of all of the contaminates that you could find in your atmosphere. By capturing and stopping these particles from being a normal part of your air stream, this filter works better than nearly any other purification method possible.

While there is much debate about the best method used for air purification, many reviews will unanimously state that out of cloth filters, HEPA filters are the best.

More than being just a HEPA air purifier, though, this Soleus air purifier features a carbon pre-filter. The presence of this carbon element works to break down any unwanted odors that you find in your environment. As the air with the odor passes the carbon, the carbon will break down the organic compounds that make up that odor and slowly absorb them. This leaves the air coming out of your purifier to be strong and fresh.

An ion generator is another key feature of this air purifier. By releasing an element of negative ions into the air, your atmosphere will become much more fresh and the stale element that can often come with treated air will not be present.

When you combine this with the fact that the Soleus SA-50 runs on a mere 45 watts, you have a very strong entry into the world of air purification that you can be sure will give you a great experience. This purifier is best suited for rooms of 170 square feet or smaller.

SA-150R Soleus Air Purifier

  If you choose to look at this Soleus air purifier, you are looking at purchasing a purifier that can operate in an even greener manner than others.

The air quality mode will detect when the air is not at cleanliness standards and it will automatically begin to purify the air until it is working at a stronger rate. This will stop you from needing to constantly run the fan in the purifier and waste all of that energy when your air doesn't even need the purification.

The Soleus SA-150R will not only use strong HEPA filters to help eliminate smoke, pollen, dust, danger, and other allergens from the air, but it will use a UV presence to help remove the threat of bacteria, mold, fungus, and other viral contaminates which may be found in the air. This quality will give you an air purifier that you know you will be able to use to have the most sterile environment possible.

Odor control and ionization for fresher air are other strong qualities which the Soleus SA-150R can provide you with.

The noise level of the Soleus SA-150R is a very quiet range, making no more than 52 decibels at its loudest. This is partly because, even at the strongest fan speed available, you will not be using much power because of Soleus's high-efficiency standards.

The unit is also able to be mounted to a wall, which will stop you from using precious floor space that you might need.

Considering that the Soleus SA-150R air purifier will run with a remote control, it gives you full access to this machine without forcing you to deal with the control panel directly.

The model will operate best in rooms of 220 square feet or smaller, making this a great purifier for certain areas of your home. You will rest easy with this Soleus air purifier as a part of your home.

The Soleus air purifier range are some that you should consider when you want a functional air purifier with the best technology included.

On top of this, if you want to live a greener lifestyle, these are air purifiers that you should absolutely consider for your home. It could be a wise decision to help you feel cleaner and still eco-conscious.





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Air purifiers can reduce and eliminate a whole host of airborne contaminants such as -

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