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Will Friedrich Air Purifiers, Friedrich C-90B Get The Job Done?

  Friedrich air purifiers may be a choice that you turn to when you are looking for the best possible purification of your home environment.

A Friedrich will work on cutting down continual maintenance costs so that after you purchase the unit, with regular maintenance, you shouldn't need to buy many replacement filters to keep the model running.

The particular Friedrich air purifiers which are being looked at in this review are those of the Friedrich C90B units.

Friedrich has long been manufacturing products which help the air quality in your home. From the Friedrich C-90B air purifier to the air conditioners which they routinely make, when you purchase a Friedrich item, you can feel comfortable about the quality you are going to receive.

These air systems will range from products that can be installed in the wall or a window or can be transported from room to room. The idea behind Friedrich air cleaner are that they will be easy to use and still very functional.

Pros of the Friedrich C-90B

  • The filters used with this unit are some of the highest performing filters available on the market.
  • These units will clean a great deal of air at one time, giving you a high rate of success of purification.
  • The model will help to control unwanted odors in the home as well as cleaning the air.

Cons of the Friedrich C-90B

  • The filters will need to be washed very frequently in order to ensure the highest level of purification.
  • The unit is large and boxy, not the best unit to transport around.

What Does Friedrich C-90B Air Purifier Offer?

  • Technology Used

  • An electrostatic filter is the driving force behind the Friedrich C90B model. This can help to collect a very large number of particles and contaminates out of the air because you will actually be modifying the air to make it easily cleaned. Putting a charge into the air will polarize the allergens in the air and help them become attracted to the collector plates which function as the filter.

    HEPA filters are the traditional filtration technology which is used with removable air filters that use a form of cloth collection. These HEPA filters have a standard collection rate of 99.7% of all particles in the air which are 0.3 microns or smaller.

    The electrostatic filters which are used with the Friedrich air purifiers will help to collect 99.97% of the contaminates which are 0.1 microns or smaller. This means you will have a higher level of purification than the basic HEPA filter might provide.

    Before the air runs through this electrostatic filter, however, it will pass through a washable pre-filter, which can collect the largest particles and contaminates from the air. This will help collect even more allergens from the air because the main filter will be available to collect the smallest contaminates.

    After the air runs through the electrostatic filter, there is another filter with a carbon element present. This carbon filter will help on removing some of the unwanted presences from the air, making it more pleasant to breathe. While this post-filter is not exceptionally strong, it will give you a level of odor control.

  • Area Covered
  • This electrostatic air purifier is designed for rooms of 506 square feet or smaller. When you put it into a smaller room, you will have an even higher rate of air changes. The typical room of 506 square feet, however, will give you a rate of 410cfm for air change. This is a very high rate that pushed a great deal of air through your system, giving you some of the highest purity.

  • Maintenance Required
  •   The worst part about the Friedrich C-90B is that it requires frequent maintenance to always work its best. The electrostatic filter plates will need to be frequently washed in order to maintain their collection rate. If they are not, the unit will become quite noisy and quit working all together.

    The Friedrich collection plates can be placed in the dishwasher, however. This can make it very easy to clean your electrostatic filter because it only needs to be washed and effectively dried before it can continue running. If you do not have a dishwasher, soaking the plates with soap and hot water is possible to clean your unit.

    These plates will need to be cleaned about every 3 days. This can be a large inconvenience to many people but it is necessary to ensure that you have the best working purifier possible. If you fall behind on cleaning your plates, you will need to not use the machine again until you will have the chance to wash them properly.

    The carbon filter will need to be replaced when the odor control stops working. A replacement carbon filter will cost around $35. Despite the fact that the pre-filter is washable, you may wish to buy replacement filters for this occasionally. One of these typically costs around $39.

  • Noise Levels
  • The highest speed of the fan can be somewhat loud, but not loud enough to cause a great deal of distraction. The lowest speeds are quiet, but not quiet enough that you don't even notice them. This results in the Friedrich air purifier being a good model to have around if you don't mind a bit of background noise. Otherwise, this unit may be too noisy for you to fully enjoy.

  • Price and Warranty
  • The Friedrich air purifiers traditionally come with a one year limited warranty. This will protect the unit against any internal defects which may arise in the model. While this is not a particularly long lasting warranty, it is better than many models which do not offer one at all.

    The price of the Friedrich C90B will usually run between $400 and $500. The different vendors you look at may have different prices marked on the unit. Choosing the correct vendor for your needs may relate into any additional return policies that a vendor may provide.

  • Additional Features
    • Allergies and asthma will both be reduced greatly in the home with the presence of this purifier.
    • Smoke, pollen, dander, and odors will all be treated by using this air purifier.
The Friedrich air purifiers offered by the company will typically use a number of different technologies to help make your home safer and cleaner.

Despite the fact that the Friedrich C-90B will require very frequent maintenance, it will also carry a very high level of purification. If you don't mind taking care of this machine twice-weekly, it can be the right choice for all of your purification needs.





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