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Features of a Delonghi Air Purifier - The Delonghi DAP70 Reviewed

The Delonghi air purifier is a model that gives you the opportunity to bring a level of clean and efficient air purification into your home.

  This is a compact model that can be used in a number of ways, making this a purifier which is sure to work strongly with all of your needs.

The specific Delonghi air purifier DAP70 model is one that deserves a closer look to ensure complete satisfaction.

When you make a purchase from Delonghi, you are making the decision to purchase an appliance which has been given a great deal of care and attention during the design process but is not overly expensive. Delonghi believes that, no matter what type of appliance you want, you should be given an inexpensive product that gets the job done.

The different appliances that Delonghi makes, from kitchen tools to products that you can use around the home, will all combine to give you a more interactive environment without costing you too much money.

Pros of Delonghi DAP70

  • This unit uses 3 different forms of technology to bring the highest level of purification into your home.
  • With 3 different fan speeds, you can control the power and the noise that your model is going to make.
  • The unit is positionable in nearly any manner, giving you the ability to put it horizontally, vertically, or even hang it on the wall.

Cons of Delonghi DAP70

  • The CDR rating of this unit, DAP70, isn't as high as many other purifiers of the same ranking.
  • The highest speed of the unit is somewhat noisy, potentially causing distraction.

What Does the Delonghi DAP70 Air Purifier Offer?

  • Technology Used With the Unit

  • The Delonghi DAP70 Freshzone model is one that takes advantage of 3 of the best types of filter technology available on the market today. By combining these types of technology along with additional beneficial features, you should quickly begin to see that this can be a great purifier to help your home. Only some of the best filtration techniques are applied to this purifier.

    The most important filter of an air cleaner will be the one that removes the highest amount of contaminates from the air. In many cases, this will be a HEPA standard filter. This is true for this Delonghi air purifier model as well.

    Taking advantage of a True HEPA filter, the Delonghi DAP70 will help to remove as many of the contaminates from the air as is possible. In fact, when you use this purifier, you are helping to eliminate up to 99.97% of all of the particles in the air which are 0.3 microns or smaller. This is one of the highest levels of purification that you could expect to gain.

    Of course, with the more contaminates which reach the True HEPA filter, the quicker that filter will clog. This is why a washable pre-filter is included with this model of purifier. The pre-filter will work on capturing the largest particles possible from the air, leaving the True HEPA filter to collect even more of the smallest contaminates. Since this filter is washable as well, you should never need to buy a replacement pre-filter. You can clean it yourself and allow it to continue working as well as it can during the running time.

    Finally, odor control is often an important component for any air purifier to handle. It will help to eliminate the unwelcome presence of unwanted smells from the home. This air purifier will use an activated carbon presence to help eliminate odor from the air. As the air with the scents pass through, the activated carbon will help to break those compounds down and absorb them, making the air coming out of your purifier fresher and smelling better than before.

    This filter technology is not everything, however. The DAP70 includes an ion generator. If you choose to use this feature, which can be controlled on the main panel, you can choose to release a presence of negative ions into the air. These negative ions will bring a fresher presence of air into your home, making it feel more pleasant to breathe.

  • Area Covered
  • The Delonghi air purifier filter should work on an area for a room which is around 110 square feet. Putting the air purifier in a larger room is not recommended for it will not be able to effectively clean as well as it was designed. A smaller room may receive a higher level of purification, however.

  • Maintenance Required
  •   To make things easier, this Delonghi air purifier is designed so that the filter technology can all be removed at the same time. Once the unit is taken out, the different filters can be popped out and replaced at will. Since the pre-filter is washable, you can simply clean it and re-insert it for use.

    The True HEPA filter and the carbon filters will need to be replaced outright, however. A True HEPA filter replacement will generally cost you around $25. The carbon filter replacements will often come in packs of two, which can be found for around $15. Without these filter replacements, however, your purifier will not effectively work to the highest standards.

  • Noise Levels
  • The fan speed on the DAP70 has three different settings. The level of noise that you make will directly relate into the speed that you set it on. The loudest speeds will make the most noise and can sometimes be rather distracting. When placed on the floor, vibrations from the unit can sometimes be felt. Setting the unit on a lower speed, while it will push less air through the unit, will also lower the amount of noise made.

  • Price and Warranty
  • This unit will traditionally retail for between $50 and $70. This makes it one of the cheapest units available on the market. While the level of purification may not be up to a purifier which costs five times this amount, when you are looking for an efficient and inexpensive air purifier, it is well worth the price. Also, considering the low price, no warranty is offered on the unit.

  • Additional Features
    • Rubber feet are added to help reduce the noise produced when the unit is placed on the ground.
    • The unit will often help to cool off the room with the fan inside of the model.
The Delonghi air purifier DAP70 model is one that you should consider anytime that you are looking for an inexpensive purifier. The cleaning technology is not as efficient as many other, more expensive models.

When, however, you are looking for an air purifier to get the most basic levels of purification in your home, the True HEPA technology in this filter is sure to provide exactly what you are looking for.




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