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Will The Edenpure Air Purifier, EdenPURETM Serve You Well?


  An Edenpure air purifier in the Area model is a unit that has been designed to help you bring your home or office space up into a rate of cleanliness that makes you feel comfortable. This purifier is built to help you eliminate the presence of pollution and other harmful particles in the air so that you can rest easier in your home. You must take the time to investigate the Edenpure air purifier, the Area model to determine if this is something that you want to put into your home.

You must take the time to investigate the Edenpure air purifier of the Area model to determine if this is something that you want to put into your home.

Edenpure itself works toward building home appliances that anyone should feel comfortable running in their home. Whether it is an air purifier or a space heater, a quality product is built by Edenpure that will make your home a safer, more comfortable space to live in.

They are also dedicated to helping you lower the amount of energy that you naturally consume. The PowerCost monitor can help you determine how much electricity your home is using and what you can do to help cut back. This makes Edenpure a wise investment for your appliance needs.

Pros of the Edenpure Area Air Purifier

  • This model works on removing many different types of pollution not only from the air, but on other spaces around your house.
  • The machine is quiet to run, allowing you to run it for longer periods of time without distraction.
  • The main filter technology of this purifier is washable, which stops you from buying frequent filter replacements.
  • Very large areas are effectively purified using this unit.

Cons of the Edenpure Area Air Purifier

  • The ozone which this unit uses can be harmful when you are exposed to it at high levels.
  • Filters will need to be frequently cleaned to ensure that they are always working at the highest capacity.

What Does Edenpure Air Purifier - EdenPURETM Offer?

  • Technology Used

  • Four different types of technology all come together in this room air purifier. They will all work together to help eliminate the largest portion of contaminates from your home, all of which can be found in a number of different formats. Not only will they work on destroying particles in the air, but bacterial infections and gases will also be effectively treated.

    Two filters will work on removing particles from the air. This is the pre-filter, which is designed to capture the larger particles from the air. This can help to preserve the main filter to work for a longer period of time because it will become less clogged. The main filter will work on removing the smaller particles from the air, much in the same way that the main filter will. It can help you have the least amount of allergens and contaminates in the air.

    A UV light with a catalytic screen will help to remove bacteria and gases from the air. The UV light will work on purifying the air, sanitizing it and releasing ozone into the air. This ozone can help with purifying the air around your home so that everything outside of the air purifier is cleaner as well.

    The combination of these two factors can give you a very clean, pure environment to breathe in. Unfortunately, ozone in high levels can be dangerous. You will not want to use this light constantly in your purifier, or you will risk gaining health problems from this.

    Finally, an ionizer will help to remove more particles from the air and freshen it up. By releasing negative ions into the air, you will be making the air in your environment fresh and clean once more and it will be much more enjoyable to breathe. This typically results in making a room feel clean and fresh once more.

  • Area Covered
  • The Edenpure air filters are designed to help give the best purification in rooms of 800 square feet or smaller. Working in an environment of this size will help to clean the air, making the room healthier to spend time in. When it is placed into smaller rooms, you will experience and even higher level of purification.

  • Maintenance Required
  •   This Edenpure air purifier model is one that will give you a great deal of purification without requiring a lot of expensive filter replacements. Each of the filters are fully washable, allowing you to clean these filters yourself and restore them to a pure state. This will help this purifier be a smarter investment in the long run because the costs of running it every year will quickly diminish.

    Each of the air filters can be easily removed from the machine. From here, you can choose to either rinse them off with soap and water and let them dry, or to vacuum them. After this, you simply insert them back into the machine and they will run as good as new once more. Putting the filters back into a pure state has never been easier with any other purifier.

    The UV light will need to be replaced, however. These lights will typically last for around 1 year, although some have been known to last longer. To replace one of these lights, you can often find discounted lights available online for under $15. This makes running this purifier a very cheap investment.

  • Noise Levels
  • The silent setting of this machine is so quiet that you may not initially be able to realize that it is on. This can let you run the unit for longer periods of time without having to worry about the distraction that it is going to cause. The higher that you turn the fan speed, the more noise it will naturally make. You should not have to worry, however, about making too much distraction.

  • Price and Warranty
  • The Edenpure Area air purifier model will typically feature a 1 year limited warranty. Should anything happen to the unit within this time, repairs will be provided for. The model itself retails for around $250. Considering that you will not need to frequently replace filters, like with other models, this can be a relatively reasonable price.

  • Additional Features
    • The machine will run very easily, for you simply need to plug it in to make it work. There is no involved setup process.
    • The unit itself is designed fashionably; it will look good in any room in your house.
While this Edenpure air purifier does produce ozone, which can be harmful at high levels, if you run this purifier conservatively, you should be at no risk. When you consider how high its levels of purification are doing this, you are giving yourself one of the best purifiers possible.




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Air purifiers can reduce and eliminate a whole host of airborne contaminants such as -

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