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Which Air Purifier System Is Best - Reviewing The IQ Air Perfect 16

  An air purifier system is an important feature that anyone might add into their home.

It will give them the best ability to treat all of the air, helping to remove particles and contaminates from that air and make their home a safer, cleaner environment.

If you are looking for an air purifier system to help treat your whole house, you are going to want to figure out which system could be best for your needs. The IQ Air Perfect 16 could be a great place to start.

Pros of the IQ Air Perfect 16

  • Unit will install directly into the HVAC system in your home, allowing it to exist without taking up and space.
  • This unit uses no electricity to work as it will run directly on your HVAC air flow.
  • The unit should be able to run for three full years before it needs any maintenance.

Cons of the IQ Air Perfect 16

  • The unit only has a 95% efficiency at removing contaminates from the air that are 0.3 microns or larger, less effective than some models.
  • Unit will typically last for 3 years only when used 50% of the time.

What does IQ Air Perfect 16 offer its Users?

  • Technology Used in IQ Air Air Purifiaction System

  • When using an IQ Air Perfect 16, you are going to be exposed to a level of purification which works in a very similar way to HEPA filtration standards. Unlike typical air purifiers which use HEPA filters, however, the Perfect 16 staggers its air filters so that it can capture much more dirt and contaminates than a normal filter might. This not only helps you with purifying your entire house, but it will aid you with getting your filters to last longer.

    The Perfect 16 makes use of a MERV 16 filter. This type of filter is similar to that of a HEPA filter, but will generally have much tinier fibers make up the particle catching system. With smaller fibers, more can fit into the same space as the larger fibers which other filters contain. This can allow the filter to catch many more particles of dirt and other contaminates which could commonly be found flowing through your air.

    In addition to using a MERV filter, the Perfect 16 will stack its filters in a different way than a typical air filter. This IQ Air model will use a double V shape to determine where the filters are going to be replaced.

    Most air purifiers will stick one filter in a strictly horizontal position that the air will be pushed through. Using 4 MERV filters placed at diagonal angles within the Perfect 16, however, will cover much more ground. The filters will not clog up as quickly as they might otherwise and a greater area will be exposed to the air that needs to be filtered.

    This will turn around and result in the Perfect 16 having a better rate of purification than the other types of home air purifiers.

  • Room Size
  • An IQ Air Perfect 16 air purifier system is suitable to help clean your whole house. Due to the way that it fits into your HVAC system, however, you will have the option of treating the purified air on one side of your home more than the others.

    Depending on which rooms you wish to have a heavier level of treatment over others, you can position this system in your air ducts to give certain areas of your house a better coverage than others.

  • Maintenance Required
  •   The more that you have your home air purifier system running, the more often you will need to replace the MERV filters that are a part of your Perfect 16 air purifier. The way they are generally suited for use, if you run your HVAC system 50% of the time, these filters will last for 3 years. That can be actually having heating or cooling blasting through your system or simply running the fan to allow the purifier to work.

    When you do need to replace the MERV filters in your system, they will simply slide out and allow you to slide the new filters in. The side of one of the panels will need to be removed to do this, but no complicated techniques will be needed.

    If this is something you are concerned about, you can usually even manage to have the technicians who installed the Perfect 16 into your HVAC system come to perform replacements as well.

    The replacement sets for these filters should cost you about $300 every three years. This counts the double V shapes that allow the maximum amount of air to pass through the filters.

  • Energy and Noise
  • One of the best features about the Perfect 16 air purification system is that it requires absolutely no energy to run. It is installed directly into your HVAC system and as the air runs through your house, it will be exposed to the Perfect 16 filters naturally. It makes no noise to run this system, either.

    The only noise you will ever be exposed to is the sound of the air as it is running through your HVAC system, something you would experience anyway.

  • Price and Warranty
  • The Perfect 16 air purification system comes with a 10 year warranty. Once you install it into your home, you should never need to worry about it working, guaranteed for 10 years.

    The price will cost between $2,800 and $3,200, depending on your supplier and the costs of installation. From there, however, the system should only cost around $300 every 3 years for the filter replacements.

  • Additional Features
    • Your home will be exposed to 50 times the filter media as can be found in any other filter.
    • This air purifier system is made of galvanized steel and should hold up under any circumstances.
    • A number of connection options allow you to set this model up in a variety of positions.
An air purifier system can be a great addition to make sure that your home is going to be exposed to the best level of filtration that is possible.

The Perfect 16 can be a very great model for you to invest in because once it is installed, it only requires the most basic maintenance every three years. It will cost no extra money to run or maintain and can help purify your home to a very high efficiency.





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What Can Air Purifiers Do?

Air purifiers can reduce and eliminate a whole host of airborne contaminants such as -

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  • Pollen
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  • Mold Spores
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  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
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