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Which Whole House Air Cleaner Is Best - Reviewing The Honeywell F500A Air Purifier

  A whole house air cleaner can be one of the best tools that you choose to include as a part of your home because it can be the function which will make your living space free and clear of germs, allergens, and other pesky contaminates.

Finding the right purifier can be a bit of a problem however. This is why the Honeywell F500A may be the best choice for a whole house air cleaner to suit your needs. With careful examination, you should quickly be able to tell if this is a purifier that will work for you.

Pros of Honeywell F500A Home Air Purifier

  • Model will either connect to the return air duct of a home's forced air system or be independently ducted.
  • Three separate filter systems work together to give the highest level of purification.
  • Runs on a very quiet operation and this unit is easily installed in the home.

Cons of Honeywell F500A Home Air Purifier

  • Multiple filters will need to be frequently changed.
  • Requires a power cord to run the unit, costing more energy than other models might.

What does Honeywell F500A Air Cleaner offer its Users?

  • Technology Used

  • This Honeywell F500A whole house air cleaner works using the strongest HEPA technology available. This means that the air in your home is going to be attacked from three different angles, giving you the freshest, cleanest air possible. By attaching directly to the return port of your forced air system, this air purifier will work on giving your home the all-over treatment that it deserves.

    The first stage of purification that this model will put the air through is a high-efficiency plated pre-filter. This filter will work on capturing the largest particles out of the air. This will help to extend the life of the HEPA filter for as long as possible, giving you the chance to run your purifier for a long time without needing to change the filters.

    After this, the air will be pushed through a typical HEPA filter. This HEPA filter has been specially designed with air purification in mind and the millions of tightly wound threads will work on capturing 99.7% of the contaminates in your air that are 0.3 microns or smaller. This will help with ensuring that you have a safe environment to breathe in.

    After this step, activated carbon filters will work on odor control. By attacking the organic compounds in the air which make up the scents that you don't want, the activated carbon will work on breaking down those scents and removing them from the air. This will help your air feel as fresh and as clean as possible.

  • Room Size
  • This filter is designed to clean your entire house. It will run based on the amount of air which is being pushed through your forced air system and as a result, you will have varying amounts of purified air based on how often you run your heating and cooling products. This will affect your entire house, however, and make it one of the safest environments that you could hope for.

  • Maintenance Required
  • Each of the three filters located in the Honeywell F500 will need to be periodically replaced in order to keep your air purifier running at its top potential.

    Without replacing these elements, you are going to risk having your air purifier fill up with contaminates and start to clog. The air will no longer be purified and your machine might even break because the dirt that builds up will overpower your unit.

    The HEPA filter should be replaced around every 3 years, based on how often you use it. A replacement HEPA filter will generally cost around $188.

    The carbon filters that help with the odor control should be replaced every three months. You could find a pack of 4 filters for $55.

    The pre-filter is one that will need to be replaced yearly. The cost of this filter will run around $45.

  • Energy Levels and Noise
  •   The Honeywell F500A whole house air cleaner was designed to help you purify your home without using too much energy. The unit should run at 120 volts of alternating current, which is standard for most household appliances. It should not cost you any more energy to run this machine over any others in your house.

    The noise level in particular, however, is designed to help be as quiet as possible. This gives you the ability to constantly run this air purifier without having to worry about background distraction.

  • Price and Warranty
  • The Honeywell F500A unit will retail for $1,698. This price will cover the unit which works to purify your entire house. A 5 year limited warranty is provided to help assist you with any damage which may come to the unit itself, not counting any of the filters. This can help to ensure that the unit you are paying for will always work to the best of its ability.

  • Additional Features
    • This unit should be mounted to a wall, so brackets are provided for to assist with this.
    • The unit will alert you when each of the three filters need to be changed, allowing you to relax without having to pay close attention to the purifier.
A whole house air cleaner will need to be a unit that you feel comfortable having in your home. It's going to make a large difference with the state of the air in your home and for this reason, you will want to make sure that you trust the unit you choose to purchase.

The Honeywell F500A whole house air cleaner could easily be this purifier if you feel that the filters, the price, and the warranty are right for everything that you are getting in return.




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Air purifiers can reduce and eliminate a whole host of airborne contaminants such as -

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  • Viruses
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