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How Can an Aprilaire 2250 Help Your Home?


  The Aprilaire 2250 air purifier system is one that works to help make your entire home free and clear of all unwanted particles that often work to aggravate allergies.

While other brands of purifiers can bring a very high level of purification to a single room, this type should work for your whole house.

This results in the Aprilaire 2250 being one of the best choices that you could make when you are seeking to make your home as clean and safe as possible.

Pros of the Aprilaire Air Purifier System

  • This model works to control allergens in the air which often come from pollen, dust, dander, and mold.
  • The model runs silently, working with the fan system that is a part of your heating or cooling units.
  • One does not need to worry about constantly replacing the air filters because this unit will work for a year or more on the same filter system.

Cons of the Aprilaire Air Purifier System

  • The unit is not able to be moved around, putting a certain emphasis on a particularly dirty room.
  • The model will only work as long as the fan for your heating and cooling systems is running.

What does Aprilaire 2250 offer its Users?

  • Technology Used

  • The designers at Aprilaire air purifier feel that some of the best air purification technology comes from HEPA filters. The way that a HEPA filter is designed will play greatly into the way that it can help capture particles in the air which cause contaminates. The fibers in these filters are tightly wound and up to 99.7% of the particles in the air in a particular room will be captured with one of these filters.

    That's the exact problem with HEPA filters, however. They will only capture the particles in a particular room of an enclosed space. When you need a larger space cleaned, HEPA filters will no longer be there as they once were.

    This is why, when you are looking to clean your whole house instead, you are going to want to look to an Aprilaire 2250 filter.

    The filters which have been designed by Aprilaire are of the sort that will give you the opportunity to clean the air in your entire house of an accuracy of at least 95%. While the HEPA filter may be able to get a higher rate of purification, one must also take into account that the Aprilaire 2250 is going to clean a much larger area than the HEPA filter might. This turns into you having a very high rate of purification success with this model.

    No filter is going to eliminate all dust and contaminates from a home. That being said, you are going to want to find the filter which is going to do the best job despite this fact.

    This will result in an Aprilaire being a strong choice when you want to help make your home less susceptible to allergy attacks.

  • Area Covered
  • As long as the air is being pushed around your house from a fan, the fan that will operate your heating and cooling systems, this whole house air purifier will work throughout the space.

    This will give you the greatest chance of making your home a clean, pure environment and you will not need to worry about exposing yourself or your family to more contaminates than is necessary.

  • Maintenance Required
  • In order to keep this purifier running at the best speed possible, you will want to replace the Aprilaire filter that comes with your 2250 model around once a year. This will largely depend on how often you run your fan, however. If you are not constantly running the fan and purifying the air, you may be able to wait until two years pass before you need to change your filter.

    It is also very important to keep in mind that a 2250 will work best when the filter is not brand new. The more the filter in your system is used, the better it will become at collection of particles and contaminates. This is why you will want to be very careful to not replace the filter until it is in dire need of a change, otherwise you will not get the most use out of your filter.

    The filter itself will run between $40 and $60. Considering that this only needs to be replaced once every year to two years, though, this is not an unreasonable cost.

  • Noise Output
  •   Both the energy levels and the noise of the Aprilaire 2250 are dependent on your personal heating and cooling unit. No additional energy will be expended over what your heating and cooling unit will use because this filter will attach directly into the system. No extra noise will be produced over what the fan system of your unit will produce. This means that you will be able to purify your home without any extra energy or noise distraction taking place.

  • Price and Warranty
  • The Aprilaire 2250 will come with a 5 year limited warranty as well as costing around $400. Once the unit is installed, however, you will only be paying for replacement filters once annually. This ends up being one of the cheaper air purifiers available, let alone one that works for the entire house.

  • Additional Features
    • This model will attach directly to the grate of your heating or cooling unit, putting it out of sight and mind.
    • Using this unit allows you to treat your entire house at your own discretion. You simply need to adjust the thermostat to determine when the fan is blowing on your unit.
An Aprilaire 2250 is a great option for people who are looking to treat their entire house without problems. Cleaning the highest number of particles and contaminates out of the air will give you the best environment to live in.

When you can treat your whole house, you are making an environment that is much freer than simply treating one single room, as most purifiers are apt to do.





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