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Using Central Air Purifiers For Your Home - Reviewing Honeywell F500B1009 Air Purification System

  Central air purifiers can be a great way for anyone to get their home up to the clean standards that they want to live in.

A Honeywell F500B1009 air pruifier could be the perfect example of this because this is a system which will hook up to the central air system of your house to constantly be providing a high level of purification to your home.

It is one of the leading central air purifiers that you could expect to find while you are searching for the right model for your environment.

Pros of Honeywell F500B1009 Air Purifier

  • This model will work through the forced air vents of your central air and heating and help service your entire house.
  • The model has a high level of purification by using three different cleansing techniques.
  • Little maintenance is needed to always keep it running strong.

Cons of Honeywell F500B1009 Central Air Purifier

  • The unit attaches to your central air system, so you cannot give special attention to a single room which might need it more.
  • The unit is more expensive than other forms of air purifier that you could find.

What does the Honeywell Hepa Air Cleaner offer its Users?

  • Technology Used

  • HEPA technology is some of the strongest technology that you could hope for when you are looking to have a purifier that cleans you entire house. Typically, HEPA technology will take out all of the particles in the air that are 0.3 microns or larger at a success rate of 99.7% or better.

    This will allow you to have the cleanest, purest air possible. Naturally, the Honeywell F500B1009 model will do the same because it is pointless to release a model that doesn't improve on the technology already existing.

    The first step this Hepa air purifier will go through is a pre-filter. This pre-filter will work on removing the largest particles from the air, such as hair, lint, and other forms of dirt. The more that the pre-filter can remove from the air, the longer the main HEPA filter will be able to last. This should provide you with a strong, long-lasting filter technology in your central air purifiers.

    After the air is sent through the pre-filter, it will be exposed to the main HEPA filter. This HEPA filter works to remove the smallest contaminates from your air and make it cleaner and safer to breathe once more. Using this HEPA filter means that you are going to give yourself the greatest chance to breathe pure air from anywhere in your house.

    After the air is purified, it will be run through an activated carbon filter. This will help to remove any odors or chemicals which may still be present in the air. The carbon from this filter will attack the organic compounds in the air which make up the odors and chemicals and this will help to erase them from the air.

  • Room Size
  • These air purifiers are designed to help clean your entire house through the use of the central air system. Ideally, everywhere in your house should be cleaned.

    The system will work for as long as you are running the fan that is a part of your central air control. When the fan is off, the air in your home will not be stirred around and attracted into the central air purifiers. As long as the air is moving, however, you house will be purified.

  • Maintenance and Filter Replacement
  • In order to keep the air purifier running at its optimal strength, it will be important to change the filters on a regular basis. The purifier itself will indicate when changes are going to be needed as the console has a special sensor which will help determine when the filters are no longer working properly. Paying attention to this sensor will help you keep your purifier running strong.

    The pre-filter will usually need to be changed once every year. A replacement pre-filter is generally $45.

    The carbon filters should be replaced every three months and can be found in a four-pack for about $55.

    Changing the HEPA filter is more expensive, at $188. It should only need to be replaced around every 3 years, however.

  • Noise Level
  •   The Honeywell F500B1009 air purifier is designed to run as quietly as possible. This gives you the ability to be constantly purifying your home without having to worry about listening to a noisy purifier in the background all of the time.

    The energy level that it runs on will be 120 volts of alternating current, which is typical for an appliance of this nature. It will keep the machine constantly running and give you the best opportunity for air purification in your home. Running it on a lower amount of energy will not produce enough power to effectively purify your entire home.

  • Warranty and Price
  • The Honeywell F500B1009 whole house air purifier sells for around $2058. It will work to provide your entire house with air purification, keeping it clean and fresh for anyone who is inside of it.

    The model will also feature a 5 year limited warranty so in case any damage happens to the model itself or the motor inside, repairs will be provided for. It will give you the best chance to always have a working purifier.

  • Additional Features
    • The unit is made of a rugged steel cabinet that is also insulated to protect against unconditioned spaces.
    • No additional maintenance is needed besides regular filter replacements.
    • Model can also work on a stand-alone basis.
Finding the right central air purifiers to protect your home from damage and disease should be important. Allergies can be especially harmful to those with high sensitivity.

A Honeywell F500B1009 model could help protect against all of these while working at a high level of efficiency with the HEPA technology that it employs. If the budget allows for one of these models, it is a very good option for any home.





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