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Examination of the Aprilaire 2200 Air Cleaner


  The Aprilaire 2200 air purifier is a model that we can easily use to make the home environment cleaner, safer, and more pleasant to be in.

Instead of merely focusing on a single room, as a typical air purifier might, this model will work on effectively cleaning your entire house.

This results in the Aprilaire 2200 potentially being the right model to make a lasting difference in your regular environment.

Pros of the Aprilaire Air Cleaner

  • This model can help other pieces of equipment that you use in your home last longer and run more efficiently.
  • Allergies that can be aggravated by pets will be greatly reduced.
  • Mold and other airborne spores will be effectively controlled with an Aprilaire 2200 filter.

Cons of the Aprilaire Air Purifier

  • Unit is a permanent fixture of your heating and cooling systems, stopping you from moving it around at will.
  • Filters will need to be replaced around every year.

What does Aprilaire 2200 Air Purifier offer its Users?

  • Technology of the Unit

  • Many air filters will find their ground based on having HEPA technology as one of their selling points. HEPA filters are claimed to be the best type of filter and any purifier that uses HEPA will be treated to some of the highest levels of air purification possible.

    The only problem with HEPA filters, however, is that they only work in relatively small spaces. If you are looking for a purifier that can help you maintain your entire house, HEPA technology might not be the best.

    Which is why many people will turn to an Aprilaire 2200 filter to meet their needs. The Aprilaire is a brand that works to help purify the entire house, stopping the need for an individual air purifier in every room to help combat pollution and other contaminates.

    This will give anyone the chance to have one purifier that can serve their entire home environment and work to combat the particles in air which especially aggravate allergies.

    The filter will attach to the heating or cooling system that you already have in your home. After installation, all that needs to be done is to have the fan of your heating or cooling unit blow. As the air blows, the air in your home will be stirred up and this will be enough to have it constantly moving toward your filter system.

    The biggest problem with air filters is getting the dirty air pushed toward the purifier. When the filter is a basic part of your heating and cooling, however, this is no longer a problem.

  • Room Size
  • The Aprilaire 2200 is a purifier which is designed to affect your entire house. Ideally, you will be able to keep your entire environment pure and clean, although this will largely be affected by the way that you run your fans. As long as the fan to your system is running, your filter will be constantly purifying. Otherwise, cleansing will only happen when your heating or cooling system is operating.

    Many thermostats have an option that will allow you to constantly run the fan on your system, even if the heating or cooling is not currently operating. If your system is able to handle these features, a constant running of the fan is going to give you the highest level of purification for your home.

    Running it periodically, however, will still work although it will not have as high of an effect as being constantly run.

  • Maintenance Required
  •   The Aprilaire 2200 filter will need to be replaced between every one to two years, depending on how often you use it. If you leave your fan constantly running, every year should be an appropriate time for replacing your filter. If the fan only runs sporadically, you may not need to change your filter for two years.

    It is important, however, that you do not replace the filters too frequently. A filter from Aprilaire will work at its lowest level of success when it is immediately installed. This means that the longer the filter runs in your system, the better it will be at collecting contaminates in the air. Examining the filter to determine when the buildup is too great will be important.

    When you go to replace a filter, you should expect to pay between $40 and $60. The Aprilaire replacement filter will only be a charge that you pay between every 12 and 24 months, however, and can generally be considered a smart investment. You will not need to worry about constantly changing and replacing parts of the purifier.

  • Energy and Noise
  • The only energy levels that will be used with this model are the energy that would automatically go into running your heating or cooling units to begin with.

    The only noise produced is that of the fan as your unit is running. The filter itself will run absolutely silently and you can be assured that you will not be exposed to unwanted distractions.

  • Price and Warranty
  • The Aprilaire 2200 air cleaner will generally retail around $150. The unit comes with a 5 year limited warranty, however, making this a purchase that will last in your home for quite some time.

    Should you choose to find an Aprilaire upgrade kit for the Aprilaire 2200, you should expect to spend a bit more to increase the level of the filter used in the unit.

  • Additional Features
    • Since the filter will be working in conjunction with your furnace and cooling system, you will be able to greatly reduce the amount of particles which reach those units, prolonging their life.
    • More material is used to create the filter for Aprilaire than in any other brand or model.
    • This model will always be out of sight and mind as you will not need to maneuver around it or constantly listen to it run.
The Aprilaire 2200 air purifier is a smart model for anyone who wishes to treat their entire home from the effects of allergens.

The model may not remove as many contaminates as a HEPA filter might, but unlike the HEPA, it will remove particles from the entire home instead of a single room. This makes the unit into one of the most effective air purifiers that you could ever hope to find.





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